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"It's all in your head"

How many times have you been told "It's all in your head" by friends, family and co-workers? I've lost count. That said, this age old saying is actually spot on. Everything you see, hear, feel and taste is your brain's attempt to "make sense" of the world around you. As it does, it builds a virtual, 3-D, multisensory simulation that helps get you get through your day safely and securely.

This "simulation" is greatly influenced by our emotions - good and bad. When we are in a good mood or in love, we "see the world through rose colored glasses". When we are sad, anxious or depressed the world seems dark, cold and unforgiving. It's the same world in both cases. Nothing's changed but our personal perception of it has.

I've seen and treated numerous clients suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Most have tried years of traditional talk therapy and a cornucopia of psychiatric meds to no avail. Why? Because neither proved to be effective at changing how they perceive the world.

Changing someone's perceptions can be a lengthy and difficult process. Fortunately there is a quick, effective way - deep guided therapy (DGT). DGT leverages leading edge hypnotherapy and guided meditation techniques to eliminate negative and self-limiting patterns of thought buried deep within the subconscious. Such changes often result in significant reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, often in just a handful of sessions, without the need for drugs or any side effects.


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