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Hypnotic Reality

Classic Stage Hypnosis

When most people hear the word “Hypnotist” they immediately think of a snarky stage performer making people do ridiculous things before an audience. Although entertaining, this cultural meme detracts from Hypnosis’s use as a powerful therapeutic tool for a wide range of mental health issues including stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD to name a few.

The typical way of dealing with these issues involves talk therapy and a hit or miss regiment of powerful and often debilitating psychiatric drugs. Patients often spend years in therapy trying to alleviate the symptoms of their underlying issues. While some eventually get “cured” many others struggle on.

Traditional Siberian Shamanic Ritual

Mental illness is nothing new. Man has wrestled with “demons” since attaining consciousness some 100,000 years ago. For tens of thousands of years, tribes around the world relied on Shamans to treat members with physical and mental illness. Amazingly, despite being separated by thousands of years and miles, Shamans around the world gravitated towards healing techniques that relied on altered states of consciousness (ASCs) to diagnose and treat their patients.

Unfortunately, modern medical practitioners consider these time-tested techniques as archaic and unscientific. However, recent research is beginning to shed light on the medical benefits of mindfulness, yoga, psychedelics and other practices that invoke ASCs. Which brings us back to Hypnosis.

At its core, Hypnosis is a form of deep guided meditation that invokes an ASC in the patient/client. While in this state, the Hypnotherapist can communicate directly with client’s unconscious mind surface deeply embedded issues and resolve them with well prescribed sets of “suggestions”.

It’s this direct communications channel to the unconscious that makes Hypnosis a powerful and effective therapeutic tool. Hypnosis bypasses the consciousness mind’s propensity of filtering out things it “doesn’t what to hear or deal with”. In the right hands, Hypnotherapy can treat many mental health issues in just a handful of sessions that might otherwise take months or years of traditional therapy to accomplish.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out and Open the Door to the New You....


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