Mindscape (def): The range of a person's thoughts and imagination; mental landscape or inner vision.

Mindscape was founded to help people like you achieve quick, lasting relief of your excess stress and anxiety, and the unhealthy habits they typically cause.  Many of our clients come to us at the recommendation of their therapists and psychiatrists.  They are some things, like unhealthy habits, that are hard to resolve through traditional talk therapy and medications.  This is because they are deeply engrained in our subconscious and difficult to reach.  Fortunately, this is where hypnotherapy and guided meditation shine.  Combined they work with your subconscious to reduce stress and anxiety, and redirect unhealthy habits in positive and beneficial directions.  Best of all, it's fast, safe and effective.  


Michael Brown
Founder and Principal

I've played numerous roles in my career - scientist, developer, engineer and high tech entrepreneur.  Having deep knowledge of the promises and realities of traditional therapies, I decided to devote this chapter of my life to creating, delivering and teaching new, highly effective methods of treating the toxic stress and anxiety we all face in our lives.   Having practiced hypnosis for over 30 years,  I've witnessed the power of the subconscious in directing our daily behavior and how to channel this power in beneficial ways.  I welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the happier, healthier live you deserve. 

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