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Every generation seems to have its share of existential crises.  Mine had 4 - the Cold War, Vietnam War, Kennedy Assassination and Watergate.  Such events can shatter our sense of security and make us question reality.  We become frightened, anxious hopeless and depressed.  This can also happen when we suffer abuse, accidents, broken hearts, combat, illness and the loss of loved ones throughout our lives.  


For many people these events become distant memories and they move on with their lives. However, for others, the emotional impact is so great they become trapped in the past.  These people often suffer from chronic anxiety and depression, withdraw from friends and family and cope by engaging in unhealthy habits.

Are the ghosts of your past and present holding you back?  If so, it's not your fault. We're wired by evolution to take steps to protect ourselves from future trauma.  This learning process is automatic, efficient and out of our conscious control.

Fortunately there is a fast, effective way to break the chains of  your past.  Using advanced, proven hypnotherapy techniques we've helped 100's of clients overcome the chronic, long term effects of their trauma - often in just a few sessions.

Unlike more traditional modes of therapy, we work directly with your unconscious mind to reduce the emotional impact of the trauma holding you back and point you in a new direction that can lead a happier healthier life. 

Sessions are held by appointment in our North Reading office and online from the comfort of your home.  


So, if you are ready to feel happier and healthier reach out and gives us a call.


Michael Brown

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists


Michael Brown is the Managing Director of Mindscape Health.  Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, he  has been practicing Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation for more than 25 years..


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